Selected packaging work

Target Good & Gather

Target’s new flagship grocery line, Good & Gather, invites everyone to the table by providing healthy, affordable food options—making it easy to eat well every day. 

The entire line consisted of over 7,000 SKUs and included sub-brand and packaging systems for the Pantry, Organic, Kid’s, and Premium lines. 

Designed in collaboration with Jones Knowles Ritchie.

Base Light

Base Light is a men’s grooming line designed to make self-care approachable by simplifying the everyman’s daily routine.

Designed in collaboration with Bespoke Post.

Betsy’s Pasture Raised Eggs, by Handsome Brook Farm

Betsy's takes a modern approach to traditional farming methods by building a unique supply network of small family farms that offer their hens, farmers, and consumers a good deal.

Handsome Brook Farm wanted the Betsy’s packaging to serve as a clear and simple way to educate consumers about common egg farming practices, and communicate how and why their eggs were superior

Designed in collaboration with Madwell.

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